The beauty of less

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. Yes, we said it. Contrary to what the Internet would often have you believe, you don’t always have to follow a 30-minute instructional video on how and when to apply each of 10 products to achieve a single effect. At QuickFX we believe in The Beauty of Less.

Less? But isn’t less… well, less? It depends. If less time, less mess, less tedious application, and generally less agonizing in front of your bathroom mirror sound good to you, then less is definitely good. Beauty in its simplest form- that’s the aim. And it is definitely possible, when you do it right.

So what’s in it?

More science, less hype. Our skincare essentials are designed to be effective, fast. Formulated by our team of experts in Seoul, each product gets pumped with ingredients that have been proven potent for the effects you want to see. Our team understands that it’s not about adding what’s trending now just so we can put it on the label, but selecting from actives that have really shown results. Do we have the latest? Absolutely. But if it’s not proven, we don’t use it. That’s how we give you more results, even with less.